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Fiction or Future?

  In order to discuss your challenge, you may find it helpful to first gather as many answers as you can to our "Gizmo Quiz".  (Don't let that slow you down, however; sometimes it is more efficient to talk it through. ) Then contact us to get started. The first contact is of course free. We will not disclose your information to others without your permission.


  • What is this thing supposed to do?
  • How well: speed/resolution/repeatability/accuracy?
  • How long: operational cycles, number of years?
  • What are the nearest products presently in existence? How do they compare?
  • How big or small can/should it be?
  • Allowable weight/inertia?
  • Are esthetics important? (consider all five senses!)
  • What is history of the technology?
  • Who will use it? install it?, service it? Skill level? Operator interfaces needed?
  • Where will the units be used?
  • What conditions must it withstand during shipment?
    Operation? Temperature, humidity, pressure/vacuum, vibration/shock, chemical, biological, particulate,....
  • How loud/quiet?
  • Any EMI/RFI/magnetics considerations?
  • Any special materials requirements?
  • What energy and supplies are available for input, desired/tolerable for output?
  • Who are you? (name, company, address, phone, fax, e-mail.....)
  • What skills do you command/need for this project?
  • Why is the item needed?
  • What level of confidentiality is appropriate?
  • How many will be needed - considering quantity/price function?
  • How much are you willing to pay - for concept, prototype, production items?
  • When needed - each step; earliest, latest?
  • Who else might need same device - collegues, competitors?
  • Which attribute is best to optimize, and which attributes are simply bounds?

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