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  •  Innovation
    We have been creating effective products and processes for industry for over 30 years. We have originated 27 U.S. patents and 48 other published inventions.
  •  Impact
    Our goal is to create product and process designs that make a difference! Unique, functional and practical designs that will make a significant impact for your customers, academic or artistic endeavors or society in general.
  •  Results
    We specialize in providing creative "out of the box" ideas and turn these ideas into real solutions.  We concentrate on creating mechanical, optical and electromechanical designs.

    Our years of experience can carry a project from problem definition through fully operational prototype. We can even help your take it into production.
  •  Getting Started

    Got a tough engineering challenge?  Need a new design concept?  Get started by taking our "Gizmo Quiz" then contact us for a free consultation.
    We are quite flexible and can work with you in several different ways depending on your preferences and the specific challenge.

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